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Masonic Aprons And More is your one stop shop for all of your Masonic needs. Masonic Aprons And More is an independent supplier of online Masonic Regalia Supplies in Australia and around the globe. We pride ourselves for providing a high quality custom made masonic embroidery service to our 100% satisfied customers in a timely manner.

At Masonic Aprons And More, you will find a wide range of Masonic Regalia and Supplies. We have a great range of Regalia available i.e. Masonic Aprons, Collars, Sashes, Breast Jewels, Collar Jewels, Masonic Gauntlets, Masonic Cufflinks, Tie Clips, Lapel Pins, Masonic Cases, Gloves, Masonic Collarettes, Masonic Key Rings, Belt Extenders, Masonic Badges, Ties and much more. Discount available for multiple  items purchased.

Dear Customers, we have hundreds of Packages available in our “Package Offers” section. Dear Customers, please note that you have an option to swap Tie included in any package with any other Tie design from our Tie Collection without any extra charges.  Similarly, you have an option to swap (Tie Pin, Clip & Cufflinks Set) with any other design from our (Tie Pin, Clip & Cufflinks Set) collection without any extra charges. You just have to notify us the product code of your choice.

Dear Customers, if you can’t find a Package according to your requirements, please contact us by Email and let us know your requirements and we will be more than happy to offer you a special Package according your requirements. Dear Customers, please note, we are the Manufacturers of all Masonic Aprons and Accessories. We cater all Lodges in Australia-New Zealand and  around the world. Happy shopping.